IntraCell is your innovative platform for in-vitro cardiac electrophysiology.

It combines our laser technology and Multi Channel Systems (MCS) microelectrode array (MEA) allowing for non-invasive evaluation of cardiac action potential over weeks, for the most powerful lab tool for acute and chronic cardiotoxicology.

IntraCell is a laser-based tool for electrophysiological recording and optical microscopy.

It is the most advanced platform for in-vitro electrophysiology, drug discovery, and cell morphological assessment applications. IntraCell captures high-quality signals at cellular resolution from acute and long-term culture experiments. Simultaneous recordings can be performed by running  a full automated laser-scan procedure, to record from all the electrodes of the MEA plate.

  • Compatible with Multi Channel Systems MEA (60, 120, 256 electrodes single and multiwell systems)

  • Fully motorized system for automated focusing and alignment procedure on the MEA electrodes
  • Automated laser scan over the MEA electrodes
  • Optical imaging and video recording of your experiments
  • Non-invasive, label-free

Chronic action potential recordings from the same electrode for up to 45 days

IntraCell is able to detect Action Potentials from the same electrodes in long time-windows.

Long-term effect of pentamidine on hiPSC-cardiomyocytes

IntraCell provides insights about concentration and time-dependent responses of compound’s effects after chronic exposure time.